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The Directive

The Directive is a declarative file that allows you to describe your application's business logic. By describing your application declaratively, you can avoid all of the boilerplate code that normally comes with building a web service such as binding to ports, setting up TLS, constructing a router, etc.


subo will validate your Directive to help ensure that it is correct.

Here's an example Directive:

appVersion: v0.0.1
atmoVersion: v0.4.2

- type: request
resource: /hello
method: POST
- group:
- fn: modify-url
- fn: helloworld-rs
any: continue

- fn: fetch

- type: request
resource: /set/:key
method: POST
- fn: cache-set

- type: request
resource: /get/:key
method: GET
- fn: cache-get

This directive encapsulates all of the logic for your application. It describes three endpoints and the logic needed to handle them. Each handler describes a set of steps that composes a series of Runnables to handle the request.

Atmo uses the Directive to build your application and run it automatically, without any need to write boilerplate yourself.