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Fully-qualified function names

Each function uploaded by your users has a unique name called a fully-qualified function name, or FQFN. The string representation of an FQFN is as follows:

Environment User ID Namespace Function Version

Here's a breakdown:

  • Environment: your company's reverse domain; com.awesomeco
  • User ID: The unique value that your application uses to identify your users within your system; nawronuq98hqwekj198fkljbeco
  • Namespace: The namespace this function belongs to; allows for separated groups of functions based on product needs (see Namespaces ); default
  • Function: The name of the function as chosen by the user; record-event
  • Version: The version of this function (incremented each time a user updates this function); v1.0.0

Environment name

The domain of your email address should match the environment you configure for Compute, i.e. if your email is, your Compute environment would be called com.awesomeco.


To execute a function in Compute you will use a URL representation of FQFN. To reference an FQFN by URL, use the following pattern: