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To use Compute, you need an environment token and the Subo command line tool. This token allows the control plane to authenticate with the Suborbital Compute Network, our hosted service that manages billing, metadata storage, telemetry, and more.

Install Subo

If you use macOS, you can use Homebrew to install the subo command line tool:

brew tap suborbital/subo
brew install subo

Then, run subo --version to ensure the installation was successful. The version must be at least v0.2.1 for full Compute support.

To install on Linux (or macOS without Homebrew), you can download Subo directly.

Generate your token

You can get a Compute Environment token either with our environment token generator web app or with the subo command line tool.


The domain of your email address should match the environment you configure for Compute, i.e. if your email is, your Compute environment would be called com.awesomeco. See Fully-qualified function names for more information.

To create your token, run:

subo compute create token <email>

A verification code will be sent to your email address which will be used to authenticate you and link your Compute installation to you.

Subo will print out your token.

Keep your environment token safe (store it in your password manager), and only use it when running or installing Compute.