Your very first contribution

Find something to work on

The very first step towards contributing to Suborbital is to find something to work on. No contribution is small and help is always required!

Here are some great avenues to help you get going on your contribution journey

  • Help improve the documentation for various Suborbital projects
  • Help triage issues

Find a good first issue

There are multiple repositories within the Suborbital organization. Each repository has issues that are beginner-friendly and can be accessed by filtering with the label good-first-issues.

Filing an issue

If you’re not yet ready to start contributing code, but notice something that requires work please report it against the appropriate repository. For example, any documentation-related issue needs to be filed against the suborbital/docs repository.

Contributing Guidelines

There are two rules that must be adhered to when making contributions:

  1. All interaction with Suborbital on GitHub or in other public online spaces must follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct which is kept up to date in the suborbital/meta repository.
  2. Any code contributions must be preceded by a discussion that takes place in a GitHub issue for the associated repo(s). Please do not submit Pull Requests before first creating an issue and discussing it with the Suborbital team or using an existing issue. This includes all changes to the contents of Suborbital Git repositories, except for the following content: documentation, README errors, additional automated tests, and additional clarifying information such as comments. The Suborbital team can choose to close any Pull Request that does not have an appropriate issue.

Beyond all else please be kind, and welcome to the Suborbital family of projects! We’re really glad you’re here.