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Using Sat

To run Sat, Docker is easiest:

docker run -it -e SAT_HTTP_PORT=8080 -p 8080:8080 suborbital/sat:latest sat\?raw\=true

Sat will start up, download the hello-echo module from the examples directory, and make it available on port 8080. You can then make a POST request to localhost:8080, and the body will be echoed back to you.

curl localhost:8080 -d 'my friend'

Sat executes modules with the Runnable API enabled, so you can create modules using our Subo CLI and all of the capabilities are available for use.

Stdin mode

As an alternative to running Sat as a server, you can also use it in stdin mode. First, build Sat.

Then, run Sat with an input on stdin:

echo "world" | .bin/sat --stdin ./examples/hello-echo/hello-echo.wasm

Sat will write the result to stdout and exit.

Run from URL

If you provide a URL as the path argument to Sat, it will download the module from that URL, write it to a temp directory, and use it for execution:

.bin/sat ""

The URL must be HTTPS and must have a .wasm suffix (excluding query parameters).